Nice to meet you.


As a kid, I loved looking at family pictures. I remember being especially drawn to certain photos. The ones with striking light and shadows, beautiful soft depth of field, and ones that captured a smile or sideways glance that I remembered seeing in person. I loved pulling my mom’s little 110 film, point-and-shoot camera out of the kitchen drawer and taking pictures whenever we had people over.

25 years later and I am still captivated. Over the last ten years I have developed a passion and a craft. The journey has taken me from Portland wedding photographer, through road-tripping documentarian, into the wilds of Alaska and back to my beloved southern Oregon where I currently reside, using my camera for commercial, portrait, and adventure photography.

When you get to photograph someone - even if you have just met, you get a window into their personality. Whether I am capturing personal portraits for family memories, or showcasing products for a website, I want my work to capture and reveal the personality and nature of the subject in the images.

A gigantic thanks to my friend Sue Hoisington for helping capture the above shot on an early spring hike up Near Point in Anchorage.